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Palmaria Island

Palmaria Island is the biggest island in Liguria. It is located opposite to the settlement Portovenere from which the boats constantly transports tourists to the island.

The island is famous for its foot tracks which very much are pleasant to tourists. All these tracks pass through the woods, rocks, mountains, plains and the ancient buildings. All this gives really indescribable feelings and brings a lot of pleasure. From top of the island opens very beautiful panoramic view on Portovenere.

The map shows:
Two settlements: Terrizzo and Pozzale;
Forte Cavour, which is the military zone closed for visits. It is deserted now, and tourists can admire only its massive ancient walls;
Fortezza Umberto I is closed for visits by tourists, and it is used for celebration of weddings and other ceremonies;
Batteria del semaforo - ancient construction from which opens very good look. It was used for the attack prevention from the sea, and information was transferred by color signals, therefore it was named “semaforo”;
google marker hotel red icon png Unique hotel on the island.

Foot roads are not marked on the map because there are too much of them, and at any time it is possible to turn and go to other way, but on this picture the main foot road - "Round the island" is shown (a walk along it takes two hours and a half).

Photos of the Palmaria Island.

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